Many Website developers do not truly understand Effective Internet Marketing.

Our years of experience in this industry as Internet Consultants have shown that an effective, profitable Internet Marketing System is the result of understanding the market, careful planning, focused development and on-going customer support.

Effective means increasing the number of targeted visitors to the Website.

Putting a website online is a great first step, but without targeted visitor traffic your investment will never reach its full potential. You would not open a store in a deserted neighborhood, so why put a website online that nobody can find?

Unfortunately, this is where many businesses fail with their Websites. MMS will not only help you get your business online, but also help to drive a continuous stream of profitable traffic to your Website through an agreed program which may include elements of Organic Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click advertising, Link building, Directory submissions and Affiliate Marketing. We can also help you integrate your offline promotions with your on-line activities.

The importance of being found cannot be overstated. Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet as their primary method of research during their buying cycle.

If they can't find you online then they will almost certainly find your competition. MMS will develop a program with you that will ensure that your Website is found when your customers are looking to buy your products or services.

Effective also means increasing the Conversion rate of those Website visitors!

Increasing the conversion rate is a function of the Website itself. But what is Conversion Rate? Conversion can mean a number of things to different businesses, varying from an actual order being placed on a Website to a simple request for information or a contact call. So different interpretations apply – but put simply: "Your conversion rate is the measure of your success at persuading your visitors to take the action you want them to take"

Once your visitors have found the website, it must be persuasive enough to get them to take the action that you want them to take, dependent upon your business objectives. In the Internet world, "pull" marketing is king – your visitor is only concerned with what they want to achieve and you have no direct control – so your Website must use Conversion Architecture to lead the visitor to where you want them to be.

We always discuss in great detail the business objectives of all of our Customers before we carefully design and build each Website using Conversion Architecture.

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